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New Brisbane threading facility

East Coast Pipe Supplies has responded to the rapid growth of Queensland’s Coal Seam Gas and Coal Mine Gas industry and its demand for faster delivery of Sharpe Flush Joint (SFJ) threaded casing by opening a new threading facility at our company’s Brisbane operations in conjunction with Sharpe Engineering who are recognised as the leaders in the threading business.

Key features of SFJ thread

  • Tapered thread design to seal on the thread as well both internal and external shoulders, to create an airtight seal.
  • Fast running time, far exceeds welding of casing.
  • Can be re-used a number of times, with care.
  •  All threads are 100% gauged to ensure consistent high quality.

Additional equipment & Services

  • Handling & completion
    • Drive subs/ haul plugs
    • Crossovers
    • Milling shoes
    • Float shoes
    • Perforated or slotted casing to your specification
    • Well heads
    • Cement subs
  • Landing joint
  • Services
    • Phosphating of connections




Stock on hand and fast delivery

Stockholding in excess of 5,000 tonnes by East Coast Pipe Supplies and the Sharpe Engineering threading facility at the Brisbane location means more affordable and faster delivery, especially to customers located on the east coast.

Stock on Hand

4-1/2" 114.3 x 6.0 ERW 16.02
5” 127.0 x 6.0 ERW 17.91
5-9/16" 141.3 x 6.6 ERW 21.92
6-5/8" 168.3 x 6.4 ERW 25.55
6-5/8" 168.3 x 7.1 ERW 28.22
7” 177.8 x 8.0 ERW 33.5
7-5/8” 193.7 x 8.0 ERW 36.64
8-5/8" 219.1 x 8.2 ERW 42.65
9-5/8” 244.5 x 8.0 ERW 46.66
10-3/4" 273.1 x 9.3 ERW 60.5
                                                             Outside Diameter x Wall Thickness

To find out more about the new Brisbane threading facility or threaded casing in stock or for a brochure, please contact our sales team on 1300 327 473

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